FG Leo 2020 2.0 4WD Competition Basic Kit

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The new 4WD FG Off-Road Race Car

The Basic Kit comes without motor, tuned pipe, brake and wheels!


  • Aluminium 4mm thick chassis with high side protections.
  • Low position of transmission parts and RC components ensure a low center of gravity.
  • Four-wheel independent suspension with full adjustment possibilities.
  • Adjustable long stroke Big Bore dampers.
  • Hardened steel transmission on ball bearings.
  • Two bevel gear differentials.
  • Easily dismountable gearboxes.
  • Protection cage can be used as a transport handle.
  • Fully enclosed polycarbonate body.
  • Adjustable nylon rear spoiler.


  • Length : 770mm
  • Width : 470mm
  • Height : 330mm
  • Wheelb. : 560mm
  • Weight : 11,5kg

According to the tests performed by the pilots, the following braking system layout has been validated:

Hydraulic disk brake with Ferodo pads on each of the front wheels. By acting directly on the front wheels, the braking force is optimized, to the contrary of a central brake that only slows the transmission without completely blocking both wheels of an axle (depending upon the grip).

On a car with differentials front and rear only, the mounting position of the brake(s) has no influence on front to rear brake bias. Using front in-wheel brakes provides the maximum braking performance possible with a single brake system

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